What’s Happening in the NSPL….

Hello Athletes,

If you’re interested in starting the NSPL powerlifting programming, please fill out the following questionaire

If you missed our previous email, we mentioned that NSPL members are now eligible to receive free powerlifting programs designed by top Canadian coaches

We wanted to share more about why we made this service possible:

  • Coaching is expensive and therefore not available to the majority of athletes, especially those with lower incomes
  • Coaches are not widely available in all parts of the province, especially in rural areas
  • Put simply, we want to make quality programming available for all athletes in Nova Scotia.

This is why we partnered with MyStrengthBook.

Utilizing MyStrengthBook will allow the NSPL to delivery remote coaching programs and ongoing assistance to its various athletes around the province. 

To fund this initiative, we received a Sport Nova Scotia Grant, which aims to improve the quality of lifting and performance among our membership base. For those interested in receiving our programming service, we will be sending out invites to the MyStrengthBook platform this week!


NSPL Executive


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